Aquarium Services

icon-fishbKeep your fish tank healthy and efficient with scheduled and detailed cleaning, partial water changes, and water testing. We also provide convenient vacation services.

Design & Installation

icon-business-tool7bUnwind with your very own fish tank. We design and install the entire system, including pumps, filters, plants, reefs, and, of course, fish and other marine creatures. We also offer a variety of stands and cabinets to complement your aquarium.

Water Features

icon-raindrop3bBring tranquility to your surroundings with elements including small waterfalls and garden ponds. We also provide spring clean-outs, and summer and fall maintenance for your ponds.

Tank Relocation

icon-transport-ship-wheel1bWhether you need your tank moved to a new room, house, or business, our professionals carefully transport your water buddies and their surroundings to the new location.